Bill Gates: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success

Bill Gates: The Life, Lessons & Rules For Success Bill Gates is the most influential and recognizable name in the technology industry to date. A business magnate, avid investor, heavy philanthropist, and author of multiple books. He has made it into the top 0.1% and it would be an understatement to say Bill Gates is a success story. Some of his greatest moments arose on this journey to success and through studying his journey; it can help us better walk our own path. This book will take you through his successes, failures and learnable moments providing the key principles we can incorporate into our own lives for big results.

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This book takes a look at his life. From early beginnings in Seattle, to becoming the richest man in the world and beyond. We take a look at his first taste of failure with his initial business venture, following on with his major successes and failures along the way. The aim of this book is to be educational and inspirational with actionable principles you can incorporate into your own life straight from the great man himself.