Beta Glucan Ball of the Umeken Group

The Beta Glucan Ball of the Umeken Group of Japan supports effective cancer treatment through: - Helps suppress, kill cancer cells, reduce tumors. - Strengthen the immune system. - Help cancer patients recover after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation

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Product description

Beta Glucan Ball  is  extracted from 9 kinds of precious mushrooms, which are crystallized among the traditional quintessence of oriental medicine and have been well-protected through thousands of famous research works and exclusive modern technology of Umeken, Japan's leading functional food. The product has demonstrated effective support on a variety of cancers at various stages, supporting treatment and prolonging survival for many cancer patients.

Beta Glucan Ball synthesizes from 9 effective mushrooms with different types of cancer:

  •  Immune system, blood circulation, blood pressure stabilization, support and prevention of cancer by the ingredients Beta-Glucan derived from C.ophioglossoides.
  •  Ganoderma Lucidum: prevent cancer, cancer and support treatment after chemotherapy, radiation ...

Agaricus mushrooms: Contains vitamins, amino acids and important fiber, especially high in Beta-Glucan 1.3 1.6. Mushroom Agaricus blazei Murril has been used extensively throughout the world as a food and medicine.

Maitake mushrooms: Minimize the side effects of chemotherapy such as loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, hair loss and lack of white blood cells.

  •  Cauliflower: effective in controlling blood sugar, cellular immunity due to high beta D-Glucan content.
  •  Pineapple: prevent cancer, reduce the effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and enhance cellular immunity.
  • Lingzhi Rokkaku: contains Beta-Glucan 2 times higher than other types of lymphatics to prevent cancer cells spread.
  •  Chaga mushrooms: inhibit the growth of tumors thanks to mechanisms of action on immune defense system.
  • Phillinus fungus: prevents inflammatory reactions and inhibits tumor growth and metastasis.


  • patients + Cancer patients 
  •  Patients undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy 
  •  Older people with weakened body 
  •  Persons with weakened immune systems


  •  01 - 02 packs per day (169 mg / dose) 
  •  Drink with warm water or cool boiled water.