The Fucoidan body's natural apoptosis

Stimulates self-dying cancer cells in the body's natural apoptosis mechanism. Strengthen the immune system, reduce side effects during cancer treatment (radiation therapy, chemotherapy ...). Block new blood vessel tumors from spreading to healthy cells, limiting metastases.

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Product description

The Fucoidan product of Waki ​​Pharma Pharmaceutical Company - Japan is extracted from Okinawa-based algae, which contains a high concentration of fucoidan active ingredient, which provides many health benefits, especially in therapeutic support. Cancer is published by NPO Japan Fucoidan Research Institute (www.fucoidan-life.com).

Main Ingredients of Fucoidan

Cladosipphone okamuranus extract, Potato starch, Calcium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Carrageenan, Potassium chloride, Dimethylpolysiloxane, Corbitan-fatty acid ester, water .

Fucoidan acts on the body through three special effects:

1. Mechanism of self-dying in cancer cells

The process of self-destruction is a natural sequence of reactions that occurs in healthy cells when they experience effects from the external or internal environment such as stress, anxiety or even When people are feeling optimistic, refreshing. At this point, the cells will change size, they expand and break up into small molecules. Then, the macrophage - a part of the immune system - swallows the decay molecules. 

2. Strengthen the immune system

The immune system contains many important organs that silently protect the body and fight off cancer cells. However, cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery not only affect the cancer cells but also weaken the immune system, causing the body to suffer many side effects in Throughout the course of cancer treatment.

In the clinical report of the Japanese fucoidan research institute, fucoidan has the potential to increase the number of NK cells, boosting the function of white blood cells against cancer cells.