Royal Placenta skin tanning treatment

Support skin tanning treatment Reduces the harmful effects of UV rays Rejuvenates and rejuvenates the skin

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Product description

One of the most noticeable skin aging symptoms that most women are afraid of: Skin darkens. It is darker than other skin types and is also a natural mechanism of the skin to protect the body against the sun's rays (UVA, UVB). Can briefly explain the mechanism as follows: when UV appears, the skin itself produces active melanin as protective film, shielding the sun from penetrating into the body. Regular exposure to sunlight will stimulate the skin to produce as much melanin. Over time, melanin cells gather together to produce dark patches on the skin that we call "pigmentation."

However, no one wants melanin forever on the skin, especially women. Fortunately, we know that the skin is involved in continuous cell elimination, which means that new cells are generated instead of old cells, including melanin. A small reminder is that the process of cell division and excretion in general will decline over time causing cells like melanin to stay on our skin for a long time. 

Placenta (placenta) is a very rare medicinal products are preferred in the functional food and cosmetics in Japan, Korea, European countries. Japan selects PLACENTA EXTRACT of pigs imported from Italy because the conditions and standards of farming in Italy has been internationally recognized. PLACENTA EXTRACT is sterilized three times through high temperature with centrifugal separation process to remove harmful viruses and retain the most precious essence. This is the placental molecule that is most compatible with the human body.

Target users

+ Women aged 25 and over. 

+ People with poor resistance, body weakness, people need to improve health. 

+ Dry skin, tan skin. 

Premenopausal and postmenopausal women.


+ 05 tablets / time / day 

+ After meals, drink with lots of water

Packing: Box of 60 grams x 150 tablets, use within 1 month.