Koso Ball of the Umken Group

Koso Ball of the Umken Group with more than 90 types of vegetables, roots and fruits helps: Enzyme supplementation for the body Support digestion, toxic waste disposal Strengthens the immune system

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Product description

As we all know, enzymes are essential for all functions in the body because they regenerate lost cells, which are the biological catalysts for most of the metabolic reactions that occur in the body. The human body has about 3,000 enzymes that help digest food, lacking enzymes, vitamins and minerals can not play their role effectively. In addition, after the age of 25, enzymes in the body are gradually reduced to age 40 enzyme level is reduced to 40% and gradually reduced to age 50, 60. The timely replenishment of enzymes from the outside to the body to enhance the system. Immune and slow down the aging process of the body over time is essential.

Koso Ball of the Umken Group with more than 90 kinds of vegetables, roots and fruits and undergoes 3 times of fermentation, Koso Ball helps to replenish the enzyme for the body regeneration cells, support the good treatment of problems. digestion, excretion of toxins, inflammation of the colon, gastritis. In addition, Koso Ball also improves nutrition and immune system for the user.

Enzymes in Koso can quickly digest 70-80% of foods high in protein, fried, fried, high in fat ... by our body every day.

Pulluan, orange fiber, black sesame powder, apricot extract, purple sweet potato powder, Lactobacillus ... support to eliminate toxins out the body, support the treatment of gastritis, colitis.

Objects used

- People with blood sugar, colon cancer, colitis. 

- Constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, gastritis, hemorrhoids.

How to use

- Chewing or drinking after meals 

- Adults: 8 tablets / day 

- Children 12 years and over: 4 tablets / day